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Zinosine Tablets

Zinosine Tablet is a high-potency, stable, Zinc Carnosine gastroprotective chelate with proven efficacy for gastric discomfort relief and tissue protection.

Zinobliss Gel

Zinobliss Gel’s unique combination of Zinc Carnosine + Lignocaine, with the chelate technology, Zinc Carnosine stays at the ulcer site to heal while lignocaine assists in mouth ulcer pain

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Clinical Application

The tissue supportive and cytoprotective effects of Zinc Carnosine has been evaluated in numerous clinical trials. Zinc Carnosine has demonstrated gastroprotectant and wound healing effect in conditions like gastritis, NSAID induced gastritis, gastric ulcers and H.pylori infections.

Zinc Carnosine - The mucosal healer

Zinc Carnosine is a Unique mucoprotective agent that helps maintain the integrity of the epithelial lining through its cytoprotective and mucosal healing abilities. It’s a chelate of mineral zinc and the versatile amino acid L-carnosine.

Since 1994, doctors in Japan have advocated Zinc Carnosine for recovery in conditions where gastric mucosal lining is compromised and to ease symptoms of dyspepsia.

Benefits of Zinc Carnosine

Cytoprotective And Tissue Repairing Actions

Gastro-Supportive Benefits

Repair Of Damaged Epithelial Tissues
Anti ulcer property
Accelerates wound healing action
Soothes the stomach lining and maintains Gastric Mucosal Barrier
Anti-oxidant, Membrane stabilizing, Anti-inflammatory effect
Benefits in helicobacter pylori infections

Mechanism of action of

Zinc Carnosine

Antiulcer Effect
Antiulcer Effect
  • IGF-1 Production
  • Promotes Wound Healing
  • Tissue repair
Antioxidant Effect
Antioxidant Effect
  • Increases antioxidant enzyme activity
  • Reduces free radical damage
  • Free radical scavenger
Gastric Mucosa Protector
Gastric Mucosa Protector
  • Slowly dissociates in the stomach
  • Adheres firmly to the ulcer site
  • Tissue repair
H Pylori Inhibition
H Pylori Inhibition
  • Deactivates urease by H.pylori
  • Reduces monochloramine production by H pylori
  • Prevents H pylori adhesion to stomach walls
Anti-Inflammatory Effect
Anti-Inflammatory Effect
  • Inhibition of inflammatory
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Inhibits pro inflammatory NFkB

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